September 9, 2012

Ten things I've learned this week

1. I love internet

I mean... If I didn't I wouldn't have a blog, a frequently used Facebook account, a Twitter account so that I can stalk my favorite celebrities, a Youtube account so I can make playlists and comment videos, a university user-account (because I have to), a Google account to check my mail, an Empire-online account to keep me updated on movie-news and so on... I figure you get my point. Nevertheless, we finally got Wi-Fi here, and I've been using it well!

2. Cleaning is necessary

This wednesday my fellow "room-mates" (living in the other rooms on this floor) and I finally got together to wash everything in the entire kitchen and the two bathrooms. I can honestly say it was about time. Probably it's been over a year since anyone did it last time, and with eight people sharing one kitchen and two bathrooms you can only begin to imagine how dirty it was! After almost three hours I'm finally able to stay out there for a longer periode of time...

3. Fridges are useful

My mother and I bought a mini-fridge when she was her last weekend. Now I can hardly imagine how I'd be able to live without it! There's a big fridge out in the kitchen, but it's ment to be shared by eight people. Which is probably five or six too much. Now that I've got my own I can fill it up and live on it for a week or two! And best of all, I can make myself some breakfast before I get dressed and put on makeup and such. It's brilliant!

4. Food is expensive

I have always known that food costs a lot of money. Especially in Norway. But exactly how much was a tiny surprise. When I bought all the food I needed to fill my fridge I actually ended up paying 890 kroner! In US dollars that would be 155$... That's a lot. Luckily I won't have to pay that much next time I'm buying some food, because some of the things I bought are things that last a very long time. Well, it'd be easy to live on a diet with prices like that!

5. I'm lost without keys

To get in to my room I have to unlock three doors. One to get through the main entrance, one to get into my floor and one to get into my own room. It's easy to see I'm kind of attached to my keys. Or... should be. I learned that the hard way (as I always seem to do) by forgetting my keys inside when I went to the grocery store. You see, I joined one of the girls from my floor, and then I didn't need keys on my way out. What I forgot was that she was only buying one thing while I had an entire list, so naturally she finished before me. When I finally got back to our house I suddenly froze outside the main entrance painfully aware that I had no way of getting in. Since I've not yet been as smart as getting the phone numbers of the other guys in case a thing like this should happen, there was nothing to do but wait. After ten minutes of laughing about how stupid I'd been someone from third floor luckily came out. They looked a bit surprised to stumble upon a girl outside their door, but I just thanked them and rushed in. I'd not locked my room (the keys were inside) so I just had to knock on the door to my floor and explane to the girls in the kitchen exactly how blond I am on the inside...

6. Plastic is hard

I bought some very nice, black boots in Barcelona that I've used quite a lot lately. The problem is that the soles are made of plastic. Which means they're not too good for walking long distances. And I've been walking quite a bit this week. Solution: Change shoes once in a while!

7. TackIt is mandatory

If you don't already know what it is, it's some sort of chewing gum not ment for chewing. You simply tear off a piece and use it to stick things to the wall for example. Every student should have it since it's illegal to put up nails and such in all apartments. It can honestly be used for anything. Like putting up a gigantic world-map and a Pirates of the Caribbean-poster...

8. I'm too good at cooking

I love dinner! It's the best meal of the day. And with some help and inspiration from my parents I've become quite good at cooking. The problem is... I'm used to cook for five, not just one. Thus, every dinner I've made this week have been too big for just one person! I fortunately solved the problem by saving some of it for later... So actually I've just cooked half of the meals I've eaten, the other half only took some heating.

9. How to start a washing machine

Don't judge! I have actually never washed my own clothes... Luckily It wasn't too hard to get my head around. Yesterday I even washed the soap-thing (the drawer you put the soap in) by hand! It took forever since there were soap-rests stuck in there from a looong time ago. Washing dirty and grose soap-drawer? Check!

10. TV-series are best on DVD

Living all by myself is all right for the most of the time. But sometimes I find myself missing human voices... The solution became TV-series! Castle, Rookie Blue, So You Think You Can Dance, the entire first season of Game of Thrones, and my current project: White Collar. Game of Thrones surprised me by being really good! And White Collar is so much fun I can't help but giggle out loud from time to time. Luckily there are still four seasons to go!