September 24, 2012

My Dubstep Room Tour

A lot of people back home had asked me to do some sort of room tour of my new room/apartment in Bergen... And a room tour you will get!

I searched Youtube for inspiration, and all I found were girls using half an hour to literally talk about every single thing in their rooms. It's plain to say I found them boring, bragy, poorly edited, and unproductively waisting my time. Therefore you won't be getting an in-depth storytelling-tour showing off and describing all of my things. I did it my way, as I always do.

As you can probably see I had a lot of fun editing this. I used it as a training exercise in Final Cut Pro X. I got the editing program over a year ago, but I've not taught myself how to use it properly and I hardly know a fraction of the possibilities there are hidden in the program somewhere... I'll need hours to understand half of the things I can do there!

I quickly have to apologize for the picture quality of the video... It's really bad! It had to, or else I wouldn't be able to upload it here. But I do wish for a new camera that can actually film in HD <3

The music in the video is called Crystallize and is made and preformed by dubstep-violinist Lindsey Stirling. She is awesome! I'll probably tell you more about her later, but check out her music video to the melody

Well, now you know how I live :)