August 29, 2012

New home, new school, new town and new people

It's been a while.
But, I think it's fair to say I have kept busy :)

I've promised myself I'll never apologize or explain myself... so I won't. Not because I don't have good and sometimes exciting explanations, just because it'd be way too boring for you to listen to (read)!

Well... First thing first: I do not live in Stavanger any more. As I have briefly mentioned to those bothering to read the "This is me"-section, I am now a citizen of the beautiful, cold and wet city of Bergen.

There was also a reason behind the moving: I'm now officially a student at Bergen University! Monday 13th of August was the first day of my time as a student in Media Science. (I don't really know if that's the correct translation from the Norwegian word, but it basically means I study everything concerning the media in general... at least I think that's what I am about to study?)

Since it'd probably be a tiny little bit problematic studying in Bergen while still living in Stavanger, I therefore got myself an apartment. Basically it's just a room, since I share kitchen and two bathrooms with seven other people... But still, to me it's become my own little house <3

It's still far from finished, but it's getting there... My housemates, who live in the other seven rooms, seems nice, so I recon I'll like it here :)

Nobody told me how much work it actually takes to move from one house to another!
(Taken before I'd had the time to make it all messy...)

In addition to moving and starting to study I've also been traveling A LOT! Lucky for me I'm not afraid of airplanes. You see, last week my best friend and I went to Barcelona! Yepp, right in the middle of everything I somehow managed to find the time to go on vacation. It was fantastic, and really hot and sunny, just as Spain should be. Some pictures may appear later...

I'll try to make a new update within a couple of days, although not yet having internet in my apartment is a mayor problem for the time being. However it's being handled with recent trips to the library... :)

Tomorrow I probably have to get started on the miniature mountain of school-books that has to be finished before Christmas. (Tidying my exceedingly messy room, drinking tea, eating a lot of chocolate, and watching some more of my latest addiction: "Game of Thrones" will probably also be on tomorrow's schedule...)