September 20, 2012

The Hard Task Of Finding A Good Album

(Pleas note that all information in this post is quite outdated...)

Two of my all time favorite bands are releasing a new CD this fall!

Over the last weeks I've become aware of what kind of music I really like. I listen to so much different it's always been hard for me to say which artists or bands I like, because sometimes I only like one or two of their songs... But I'm starting to find a few favorites among the insane amounts of artists and bands there are out there.

One thing I quickly discovered: I like bands. I hardly listen to solo-artists...

Some times I only like one of the albums a band or an artist have made. They may have a couple of good songs on other albums too, but there are spaces between. Let me give you a few examples.

Panic! At The Disco is an exciting band, but some of their songs are really wired. I like "Vices and Virtues", but the earlier albums can get a little one-dimensional to me, and some of the songs sound exactly like esch other.

Owl City has a cute sound, but after his first album, "Ocean Eyes" I think it all got a little bit too similar. I can't listen to all of his songs in a row...

Demi Lovato has become quite an artist, but I only like her newest album "Unbroken". The previous two is SO bad in comparison!

Both Jessy J and Katy Perry has actually got great voices, bot unfortunately a lot of their songs are very shallow. But then again, they have a few exceptions, and than they're really good.

Kaizers Orchestra is a norwegian band I have grown to like. They are different and have a very special sound. In total they have published over eight albums, but it's their last one, "Violeta Violeta Volume 2", I really like.

Taylor Swift I used to like... but then she made "We Are Never Getting Back Together". Enough said.

MUSE are just fascinating. Some of their songs I love and can listen to over and over again, but some are just boring (Madness) or very messy and noisy to listen to (Assassin). I like half of "The Resistance" and half of "Black Holes And Revelations"... But what I really want is to go to an outdoor concert with these guys! They have been crowned world's best live-band so many times I have to check for myself.

BUT I have found someone that I really like, and that I will continue to listen to for a long time...

Florence + The Machine is so special they're one of a kind. Her voice is so unique and powerful she could sing the phonebook and I'd still listen. I literally know all of her songs by heart, and even though I have no clue what she's singing about most of the time I love them! No one has made music like them before...

Christina Grimmie is one of the best female singers in the world in my opinion. She started making videos on Youtube all by herself, and now she's going on tour for the second time and her second studio album is coming up! I've followed her journey for almost two years now, and it's been exciting!

OneRepublic has been one of my favorites ever since I heard "Good Life" in the first episode of the Canadian TV-series "Rookie Blue". I love both their albums to pieces and can't wait for their upcoming next one... Yesterday night I watched a live OneRepublic concert on iTunes, and I promise you my heart almost stopped a couple of times because I was so excited to finally get to see them "live". Especially when the intro to "Good Life" rang through my headphones. Yes, it's a little old, but somehow It's got a special place in my heart...

The Script are just beautiful to listen to. Their sound is so distinkt and calming I smile every time I hear just the intro to one of their songs. Yesterday I listened to the songs on their brand new album, #3. It took my breath away! It was a piece of art and I can not stop singing "Hall Of Fame"...

So here you have it... my three favorite bands plus my favorite solo artist. And In case you were wondering... No, I don't like or listen to most of the things on the pop-charts or on Billboard's Hot 100. Most of it is boring and shallow, so I tend to find my own path through the music-world. You may like it or not, but that's just how I am <3