September 26, 2012

Believe it or not: September Haul!

Honestly, I never believed I’d ever make a post like this one… But times change, people change, and lately I’ve actually been feeling kind of girly. Which is, for those of you who know me, kind of unusual. But until now I've almost only been posting youtube or film-related things, so I figured was time to try a different teritorial...

Without any further fuzz, I bring to you my September haul!

First of all I definitely love this autumn's fashion! The colores are beautiful and the clothes are actually quite similar to the style I've been having for a while now. Yey, the world finally figured out that big and warm sweaters are great! So instead of sneaking off to the men's section to find the sweaters I like, I can easily get them everywhere! 

(Btw. I converted all the prizes from Norwegian kroner to US dollars, so don't cringe too much at the prizes. Here in Norway everything is expensive...)

Carlings - $87.25 (499 kr)
This one I actually found by happy accident. I walked past Carlings when I suddenly heard a very familiar intro playing over the speakers outside. I knew from the moment it started that it was my favorite song in the world at the moment, "Paradise" by Coldplay. Since I'm a bit lame I just had to go inside so I could listen to the rest of the song... While doing just that I happened to come across this lovely woolen sweater. It literally matches everything and it's so warm! It was a bit expencive, but I really needed a good and warm sweater, so to me it was worth the prize. I live in Norway... It's cold here. Deal with it or freeze.

Vila - prize unknown
Apparantly I'm not the only one who thinks the weather is getting colder. My parents, actually my dad, if I'm to believe what I've heard, got me this fantastic sweater from Vila! It's made by 50% angora wool, and that makes it sooo soft I literally feel like petting it every time I see it. The color is also fantastic! I just love it...

Cubus - $34.80 (199 kr)
Yes, I suddenly found out I was short on all kinds of sweaters to wear during the autumn and winter. This one is a little more "dressy" than the others as I can both dress it up or down depending on the occasion. You can't really see it from this picture, but it's got nice striped detailing all over and a decorative zipper in the back. It looks great pared with some black shorts and woolen tights and either a scarf or a neckless. I love Cubus so much, but I thing Norway is probably the only country selling this brand?

H&M $26.00 (149 kr)
I just had to show you one more sweater, all right? I actually bought this yesterday at H&M, and I love the colors! Looking into my closet I realized I hardly wear any colorful clothes, so I decided to change that. As I currently love both blue, green and purple, this was like made for me!

H&M - $26.00 (149 kr)
H&M - $17.30 (99 kr)
Since both my winter coats are black and almost all my clothes are black or grey I figured I'd through some color on the top of it all. These became the solution. The one on the top I actually believe one of my best friends back home, Sara, bought it and showed it to me when I last visited Stavanger... I think you have it in some brown-ish colors? However, I didn't meen to copy you, I just think you have an awesome style! Bou you know that already 'cause I've told you hundreds of times :-)

DNA - $69.70 (399 kr)
I've been looking for some new shoes for a while now, and las week I finally found them. I got them from DNA, which is my favorite shoe-store ever! I always find shoes I like there. These are both warm, practical and comfortable. I'm normally not very girly, but they are kind of cute as well as being a bit rough and cool if you understand what I mean? Anyway, they fit almost any outfit I've tried with them, so I'm very fond of them so far... I really don't need to be a couple of inches taller than I already am, but who cares?

Lush - $41.65 (239 kr)
During the summer my hair has somehow managed to get all frizzy and dry. Normally the problem is rather other way around. But to deal with this I went to Lush, my favorite cosmetics store ever, and bought this jasmine and henna hair treatment. You're supposed to smudge it into dry hair and leave it in for 20 minutes before washing it out with shampoo as usual. I didn't have my hopes too high when I first tried this, but after just one time use I could literally see and feel the difference! My hair looked more "awake" and healthy and it had also removed the frizziness I get from straightening my hair. It was a little expensive, but the pot is big and it actually worked!

Any drugstore - $29.60 (169 kr) and $27.80 (159 kr)
I've also been looking all over for a good moisturizer that didn't leave my face all greasy. During my resent trip to Spain I bought VICHY Normaderm's daycream, and I love it so much! It is perfect. When I last week found out that my local apothecary had all Normaderm's products on sale I was thrilled. I got the night cream as well, and it is so good! It's actually quite mattifying while still being rich and moisturizing. I want all their products.

Kicks - $22.50 (129 kr)

Last but not least I got a fantastic nail polish from Kicks. I've recently started to wear nail polish more often, and wanted a blue one as I only had black, light pink and all shades of purple. I stumbled upon this by coincidence and liked the color. It's not shimmery which is a great plus to me. The brush that goes with this one is flat and therefore perfect for people like me who are terribly bad at applying nail polish.

Well, that was about it for this month. And for me its actually quite a lot! I have to say in mu defense that while moving here to Bergen I realized how many clothes I'd never use again. When I left them at home I suddenly needed a few things...

Anyway, I'm always interested in trying new things, so if you have discovered something great lately pleas let me know!