June 1, 2012

Favorite - Song Mashup

(c) Elisabeth
Yepp! I'm running late again. Get used to it! It's in the evening/night I've got time for blogging, så that's when I'll do it ;) But I got the idea that I'd try to be ahead instaed of late, so I'll try to write one in the evening that's actually for the next day... I'll promise I'll try at least!

Today it's all about song mashups. Or like someone pointed out to me, also called song medleys. For this category I have so many good answers I honestly don't know where to begin! I've narrowed it down quite a lot, but I still have a couple to go through...

First up is a Britney Spears medley by Sam Tsui. I fell in love with his work a couple of years ago, and what he can do with his voice, some instruments and a camera is just admirable!

Secondly I have to show you guys the King Of Medleys: Kurt Hugo Schneider! He's a song-producer, composer, song-writer and plays every instrument you can name. It's that crazy! Together with Sam Tsui he started a Youtube-channel in 2007. Since that they have been making fantastic covers of famous songs! A couple of years ago Kurt also started to make videos together with other famous Youtubers, both covers, medleys and originals. He also makes the music-videos himself, and like I said, plays all the instruments and edit all the things (both song and video) afterwards. Here's some of his finest work:

A Rihanna medley by Matisse...

Miley Cyrus Medley by Christina Grimmie...
(This actually made Selina Gomez' stepdad wanting to be Christina's mannager)

There's just one problem... Kurt isn't the only medley/mashup-king! There is one guy. He's actually quite known... As a matter of fact so known that you might indeed have heard one of his medleys on the radio! His name is Jordan Roseman aka DJ Earworm, and he's unparalleled at what he does! Every year since 2007 he's created a mashup presenting the 25 top song of the Billboard list of the past years music. He chops them into tiny pieces and puts them together in a totally unrecognizable way. He actually creates a whole new song out of it! This skill got him famous and today he's working for the very artists that features on the Billboard-list, only that now he's creating medleys for them using their songs... and getting paid for it! Here's his most resent work:

United States Of Pop 2012: Don't Stop The Pop

United States Of Pop 2011: World Go Boom

But the time has come to crown my winner, the best song-mashup/medley I know. And the result is...


I have decided to crown two winners...

And first winner is:

United States Of Pop 2009: Blame It On The Pop

When I first heard it I became obsessed with it! And apparantly so did the rest of the world. It's got over 41 MILLION hits on Youtube! This is the song that made it to all the big radio-stations. It made him known, respected and famous! his songs from 2010 and 2011 is sooo good, but all Earworm-fans hold this one most precious. We don't know why... It's just best, and I know all of it by heart!

And the second winner is:

Love The Way You Lie - MASHUP

This is just so good <3 I know every note and word by heart, and yes, I've got it on my iPod! It's the song that made both Kurt and Sam famous. This is where it really started for both of them, and they deserve every opportunity they've got since then! Kurt isn't as brilliant a editor as DJ Earworm, but he makes his own music from scratch... And there's this mix of homemade, professional and personality about it. Can't wait to see what he's going to do over the next couple of years!

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