May 31, 2012

Favorite - Editor

(c) Elisabeth
I have not forgotten it! Promise! I've just been so buisy all day with the last of my final exams and shopping and hanging with friends and such... But here it is :-)

I know, i know... This day's topic is geeky and wired! But I'm both those things, so live with it! When I said editor, I ment any editor of either movies or pictures or anything else it's possible to edit. So on that note, here's my favorite editor of all time:


Whaaat! Who's this? Is it even a name? As a matter of fact it is... She's a girl from Vancover that has just now graduated from college with an BA in Communications. But the place that made her famous to the world was indeed Youtube under her username Genrocks. Empire posted her "Filmography 2010"-video about two years ago... and I fell in love! She was just sooooo good! Don't believe it? See for yourself...

I have edited quite a qouple of videos, and this is HARD! It took her over a month to edit... No wonder. She's made 270 films fit into 6 minutes! She even made a lot of crappy movies look gorgeous, and the good ones all got their moments to shine. I've watched this so many times I know almost half of the movie by heart <3

When the end of 2011 came, I kind of wondered how she was going to be able to repeat the success... Luckily I was not disappointed! The only difference was that 2011 was a bad movie year (according to me), but to compensate she'd become even better than last year.

Last, but not least, I have to mention the absolutley stunning mashup she made of the journey through all the years of Harry Potter. Never have I seen a more beautiful Harry Potter-tribute made with so much feeling and filled with so many memories. It's truly become one of the most loved Harry Potter-mashup in the web community! I will stop blabbering now, and you should indeed take a few minutes to watch this before you leave :)

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