May 30, 2012

Favorite - Television Series

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Woho! It's starting! It's time to reveal my first favorite thing. And the first thing up is, as most of you probably know already, favorite TV-series. (For details on the the challenge, head over here.) And if you want to you can totally leave the link to your blog-post down in the comments :)

It's honestly some hard category to start up with... What happened to nice and slow? You see, I don't have just one TV-series I love! I have at least five! But I have decided that I have to pick one as my favorite. The toss-up is between (in random order) Glee, The Vampire Diaries, House, Rookie Blue and So You Think You Can Dance. "Do you watch these things? Most of them are for teens!" I know! But I love them anyway. Don't judge! When I sit down to watch an episode of a TV-series it's meant to give me a break from all the other tings I do all day. I want to be entertained! To laugh and smile and cry and be excited.

Glee gives me joy to watch. It's so adorable but it also adresses a lot of important issues in scociety and in life in general. In one minute I find myself singing along grinning like a fool when they play a song I like, and in the next minute I can tear up because of things like bullying, prejudices and broken dreams.

Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, is very exciting, engaging and at times nerve-wracking. I dont care much about the fact that they are actually a bunch of vampires, werewolfs and witches... Its the personalities I love! There are literally no stereotypes here. And I love Damon Salvatore, the brother of the main character's boyfriend! I have rarely been presented such an interesting, deep, highly unpredictable and constantly changing character, and the actor, Ian Sommerhalder, is awesome.

House is for nerds. Which means I have totally screwed up humor! I go to school together with a lot of science-nerds, and even thought I'm not one of them myself (I loath math) I have come to understand and like the humor. House himself is despicable, but like Damon he's just so interesting! I started on season one about two years ago, and now I've reached the beginning of season eight, and I still love it.

So You Think You Can Dance is one of the things I look forward to each spring. It's one of those series that airs during the summer unlike most TV-programs. The reason why I love this is quite obvious: I love dance and I love to dance! It's just so inspiring, like watching a living art gallery, just that it's a dance show. You get to know the contestants through the season, and the judges are fantastic as always.

But, my favorite is a quite unusual choice...

My favorite television-series is Rookie Blue!

It's a Canadian police drama started in 2010, now in it's third season. It too only airs during the summer... The series is about five fresh rookies and how they handle the real life as a cop. You think that doesn't sound exciting? No, you're right, it doesn't. But it is! And the reason for that is that it's all so real and realistic. I've watched a lot of different agent-type TV-series (Alias, CSY, Covert Affairs and so on...) bit none of them are very realistic. Since this one is not produced in Hollywood, not even in the States, it had a whole different kind of truthfulness about it.

Here we get to see a cop's everyday life, with ups and downs. After watching this I started, for the first time, to think of the people behind the uniforms. What they feel like searching a house for a murderer. How terrifying and horrible a child-abduction can be for the cop in charge of the investigation. How a cop actually feel both during and after a fire. I could name countless examples, but I think you got the picture. In adition to all of this the actors are great! With Missy Peregrym (Andy McNally) and Ben Bass (Sam Swaerk) as the leading characters.

All in all, I love it, and I highly recommend you to see it!

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