May 30, 2012

Favorite - challenge: week one!

Photographer - Elisabeth

I know the week has already started, but there honestly is no perfect or even preferable way to split 100 days into weeks. So, like I said earlier, I just decided to start today. I mean, why not? (Yes, yes, it's only 1:30 AM... but it is May 30th nonetheless!) And by the way, these pictures, and a lot more to come, are taken by the fantastically gifted Elisabeth over at Drops Of Art. Go check out all of her other photos! To prevent myself from blabbering too much I think its just best to reveal this weeks topics, from today until Sunday:

Photographer - Elisabeth

As you can see all of them has to do with film, TV or music... but I promise I picked randomly! Although I won't complain... I love all of those three things <3 (Shocker! I made the topics...) But as I said, we will be keeping to the topics I picked and to the order in which they wanted to jump out of the jar. Which means:

Wednesday = Television series

Thursday = (film / picture) Editor

Friday = Song mashup

Saturday = Villain in a movie

Sunday = Film quote

Let's get to it!