May 29, 2012

These are a hundred of my favorite things!

So, I suddenly wanted to start a challenge... Actually It was just an idea that sprung to my head since my blog had been kind of dull and lifeless for a while now. I thought to myself, (while being completely covered in dust as I have been trying to uncover my bedroom from underneath it's coat of clothes, dust and random mess that often finds it's way into my "gigantic" room!) I thought: Why not write about things I like? That was rapidly followed by another unavoidable question: What is it that I really like? And how in the whole, wide world would I be able to choose? I can never decide what I want to write about... That's my problem! That's why there are so few posts here. If you add all of the unfinished drafts and ideas that until this day remain unpublished, and all of the blogs I have startet (and ended) all over Cyber-space, I would probably have written a whole book by now... But like I said, I luckily came up with an answer!

The answer is: The Favorite-Challenge!

All in all it's truly very simple, and you've probably joined something similar before. The idea is that I (and whoever wants to join me) tell you guys about one of my favorite things each day. "That's it?" you say. Yepp! But there are a few, and I repeat, a few rules to this mess. Simply to prevent, eh, a mess. So, without further due, here are is the way it's going to work:

- I have written down 100 categories (go check the Favorite-challenge page under the header) on 100 pieces of paper and stuffed them all into this jar:

- Each Sunday I will pull out seven of the pieces of paper at random. One for each day. Than I will create a blogpost where I reveal this weeks topics and on what day we'll be doing which. That way we can all do the same topic on the same day...

- Then all you (and of course I) have to do is to create a post on our different blogs revealing your favorite of the day.

- I will do one each day, but if you want to join you can of course skip some days, or maybe do one a week? Or just some at random whenever you feel like it? I'm not at all strict or judgmental, so feel free to do whatever you like!
("You're pirates. Hang the code, and hang the rules. They're more like guidelines anyway.")
- If you want to try the every-day-version you do not have to panic if you miss one here and there. You can either skip them or just post two favorite things the next day. Yes, you heard me right, you can actually do some of them together!

- If you wondered if there were some kind of rules to how long (or short) the post has to be, the answer is: I'm not particularly fond of rules, so no, there aren't. Feel free to write as much or little you feel like! But it's always very interesting to get at least some explanation why you have chosen what you have :)

- Additionally I have to say that you don't have to write your own blog post if you don't want to... You can also just leave an answer in the comments below if you like!

- Last but not least, I thought it would be fun to read your answers, and so do probably a lot of others... So if you feel like it you can leave the link to your blog post in a comment below mine, and I will collect them all and make a list out of it. (Just put the link to the post in question though, not to the entire blog. In that way people like me, who does not find what is probably right under their noses, don't have to get completely lost in search of the right post!)

As I always am when I get a new and (to me) exciting idea, I simply can't wait to get started! So, as the head of my own challenge, I decide that it will kick off already tomorrow! Wednesday May 30th will be the first day of the challenge, so get ready, and invite all of your friends and co-bloggers... This is going to be fun!