February 27, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook (2013) - Review

When: February 13th
What format I watched: Cinema

Review: I knew I was going to love it! I mean, with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in the same movie it had to be great. The mood is actually quite light even though the story deals with people with different problems and psychological issues, but for my taste that's a welcome change compared to a lot of other movies dealing with the same things. It's honest and real and has got three-dimensional characters that you actually grow to like and roots for. A truly great movie that gives you *so* much more than your regular romantic comedy.

Drawbacks? The entire movie being so different and all, the ending was a little bit too predictable... The bet and the dance-competition was not as original as I might have hoped?

Why you should watch it: The acting is some of the best I've seen in a long time... It was not surprisingly nominated for Oscars in all of the acting-categories (as well as best film). Cooper and Lawrence are standouts, and Lawrence won a well deserved oscar for her portrail of the exciting and difficult role of Tiffany.

Rating: 9/10 - AWESOME