February 27, 2013

Life of Pi (2012) - Review

When: February 14th
What format I watched: Cinema 3D

Review: I'd heard the book on a digiplayer, so I already knew the story. But that also ment my expectations were even higher when I learned that they were actually going to make it into a movie! You see, this story has actually been said to be impossible to film. It's literally about a boy and a tiger all alone on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean... Somehow, I will never understand how, but Ang Lee was the director/magician that actually managed to turn the impossible challenge into gold! Literally. It won several Oscars. I loved it with all my heart.

Drawbacks? Hm... I dont know really? Perhaps it spent a little too much time before it actually got into the story. And it also spent a great deal of time explaining the background-story in India when it most likely could jump more-or-less straight into the journey itself. But honestly, that's just me looking for something to pick on...

Why you should watch it: The visuals. I don't think I've seen a more visually beautiful movie at the cinema before... You have to watch it in 3D, though! And for all of you 3D-haters out there... This movie was made to fit that extra dimension, and does so like no other movie before it. Give it a try!

Rating: 10/10 - AMAZING