April 4, 2013

I Give It A Year (2013) - Review

When: March 27th
What format did I Watch: Cinema

Review: My best friend and I suddenly decided to go and watch this at our local movie theater even though we knew nothing about it. That's always risky... Luckily it could have gone a whole lot worse, as we discovered it was actually really funny. The whole idea of looking into what happens to a couple during their first year of marriage is actually quite good, and the four main characters played their part as best as they could. However, even though I had a good time at the movie theater I don't consider this to be a memorable movie, as I actually have trouble remembering more of it that some key moments. It was good fun there and then, but I don't think I'll watch it again...

Drawbacks: The grooms best friend was the single most awkward character to ever appear on film! Some find that funny, but personally I just find it annoying and quite disturbing... I kind of feel bad for them and get embarrassed as if I was really there. Generally there were a lot of dry and wired humor, but some of it was truly funny. BUT... I must warn you about the extensive amount of "adult jokes" and such in here, so mind who you take with you so you don't end up wanting to dig yourself into a black hole!

Why you should watch it: Like I said, it was good fun for a night out if you want to watch something easy and silly and just laugh for a while. And sometimes that's exactly the kind of movie one wants. And despite the plot in itself not being particularly complicated or memorable, it actually wasn't as predictable as I'd expected. That's a huge plus! So go and watch it if you're in need of a laugh :)

Rating: 6/10 - GOOD