March 12, 2013

Troy (2004) - Review

When: March 11th
What format did I watch: DVD

Review: This was my third re-watch of the movie, and it was still as good as I remembered. It just feels epic from the moment it starts until the very last minute. King Agamemnon wants to rule the entire world, king Priam wants peace, prince Hector wants to watch his son grow old, Helen of Sparta wants to be free, prince Paris wants love, king Menelaus wants revenge, and the fierce warrior Achilles .. he only wants to be remembered. Together they form the perfect storyline that immediately draws you in. However, when watching this movie I never quite know who to root for. There truly is no good guy or bad guy here, only two opposite sides in a war. This is quite possibly the best and most "objective" war-movie I've seen so far. And it also shows that in war there truly are no winners, only losers. War is always brutal and horrific, never glorious or honorable.

Drawbacks: Well... you must be bored with me if I once again say that I can't think of any? But when I decide to watch a movie I've almost always done quite a lot of research on beforehand. So most of the time I kind of know that the movie I'm about to watch will be good. This one is one of those. I even liked it so much it inspired me to write about the city of Troy for my history assignment two years ago...

Why you should watch it: It has got some epic battle sequences! Achilles and Hector... say no more. But what I like best is that we, as an audience, grow to care for almost all of the main characters. By the end of the movie you feel like you know them. With so many characters and so much happening all the time that in itself is a huge accomplishment. The story of the events taking place in Troy 1190 years b.c. is the mother of all stories. I can understand why...

Rating: 10/10 - AMAZING