March 8, 2013

Argo (2012) - Review

When: March 7th
What format did I watch: Cinema

Review: When the trailer for this first came out I must admit I didn't find it particularly fascinating or interesting... But then it started to gain massive attention and eventually ended up as the big winner of this year's Oscar for Best Picture. So when a friend of mine suddenly called me asking if I wanted to go see this I instantly said yes. Im so happy I did! Even though all the actions is based on a true story, which by the way I normally don't like, Argo managed to make me forget just that. I totally felt like this was well thought through and extremely exciting! I never thought that "everything will go perfectly and they'll all live happily ever after". I couldn't be sure exactly how this was going to end, and I hate it when that happens, but that also tells me I'm watching a really good movie. And when it surprised me by turning out to be so exciting in places that I literally held my breath from time to time I suddenly understood how it earned it's Oscar...

Drawbacks: I actually cant think of anything? And it would be too stupid if I have to sit and come up with something to pick on... I'm not saying it's perfect, I'm just saying I can't think of a reason not to like it?

Why you should watch it: I believe that what made this movie so particularly great was the fact that it actually made me, as an audience member, truly care for these people. That's a really hard thing to do... But somehow I felt like I kind of connected with the characters and truly cared about what would happen to them. The guy I was watching this with pointed out that neither of the actors were "overplaying" their character, like a lot of hollywood actors tend to do. All in all, strong characters, great actors and an awesome director. Run to the cinema as fast as you can!

Rating: 10/10 - AMAZING
(I don't have any reason not to...)