January 25, 2013

January Update - Back in Bergen

I recently got inspired to make a "January Update" after watching one of Kalel's videos on Youtube (WonderlandWardrobe). You should totally check her out! I took the liberty of stealing her questions and added some of my own, so here we go...

Did you do anything exciting? 
Well... I'm back in Bergen for my second term at the University. Even though it was a little sad to leave my family and friends after having spent an entire month in Stavanger, it was also kind of refreshing to come back and start all over. For those of you that didn't know, my first semester as a student actually failed miserably .. But I'm definitely both stronger and wiser this time around, so my hopes are up and I'm thinking positive thoughts!

I also feel obliged to mention I recently celebrated my 19th birthday! It was the day before I had to leave Stavanger, so I managed to gather a bunch of my best friends. The result: I had an awesome day!

Funniest thing that happened? 
I share kitchen with no less than seven other people, so when I make dinner I tend to meet one of them at some point. The only problem about this is that I'm terrible at multitasking! It's like my brain can only keep enough information to complete one task at the time. With this in mind I'm sure you can picture what happened when I met some of my flat-mates while making dinner my first couple of days after returning after the holidays? Trying to catch up and keep a conversation while cooking was just an impossibility... So there I was, small-talking to the best of my abilities, and all I did in the meantime was finding knifes and bowls and frying pans and move them around a lot to nurse the illusion of being seemingly busy. It must have looked *so* awkward! 

Best movies you’ve seen?
I actually haven't seen a lot of movies this month... There are quite a couple currently playing at the cinemas I wish I'd seen (such as Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi and Les Miserables) but I've seen some older dvd's. The first I have to mention is an old film noir in black and white named "Double Indemnity". A friend recommended it for me, and I'm glad he did! Even though it was from 1944 it was really exciting and had brilliant actors. Totally worth watching for movie-lovers!

Yesterday I finally got around watching "Braveheart". It's been on my list for quite a while, and when I got it for Christmas it was only a matter of making time for a three-hour-movie. I knew I'd like it, as some of my all-time favorites include "The Gladiator", "Robin Hood" and "Troy", but I was quite surprised by how good it actually turned out to be! When it managed to bring me to tears only ten minutes in, I knew I was up for a rare treat...

Favorite edible thing?
Asian food. I'm obsessed. And we're *not* talking about fast-food or something... Homemade all the way! With good guidance from my cook-books I have managed to conjure dish after dish using stuff like soy-souce, rice, chicken, beef, sherry and rice-wine. Hungry anyone?

Which songs have you listened to the most?
I actually bought a lot of albums these past couple of weeks. However, the one I was most excited about was no doubt "Night Visions", Imagine Dragons' first album. I'll write a separate blog-post for that little piece of wonder. All I'll say for now is that it did *not* disappoint!

Top tracks:
"Radioactive" - Imagine Dragons
"Siste Dans" - Kaizers Orchestra
"Burn It Down" - Linkin Park
"Hall of Fame" - The Script
"Miss Atomic Bomb" - The Killers

Favorite material things? 
I got new headphones for Christmas... enough said!

Something that made you proud?
I have successfully managed to set up a budget for the entire spring! I've also accounted for all the money I've spent in January so far. I hate math, so this was quite a feat for me!

What did you learn?
To cook! And also not to "steal" money from my food-budget to buy other stuff. I tended to do that a little too often in the past...

What are you looking forward to?

A lot! My best friend and I actually booked our summer-vacation recently, so in a couple of months I'm officially headed to London for the first time! But I won't have to wait until then to do something fun, 'couse the Oscars are soon upon us and I'll of course be watching the entire broadcast live together with my sister! I'm actually so pathetic/awesome I'll throw myself on a plane to Stavanger to be able to keep our Oscar-night-tradition <3 I was also very happy to find out she'll be visiting me here in Bergen right after that. 

But before all of this comes an event I've been awiting for half a year... In less than two weeks I'm going to Stavanger to see Kaizers Orchestra live in the new concert-hall! They'll be joined by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, so I'm not overestimating when I say this will be epic!