October 17, 2012

Darren Criss - Where Did He Come From?

Thousands have seen the TV-series Glee. Most of them know the character Blaine Anderson. Some also know that Darren Criss is the actor portraying him. But very few actually knows where he came from... What did he do before Glee?

Have you ever heard of A Very Potter Musical? Or StarKid Productions?

I actually discovered Darren before he became a part of Glee. He could be found om Youtube!

While attending University of Michigan he majored in Theatre Performance. After graduating, he and a bunch of his former class-mates founded the production company StarKid Productions

The idea for their first stage production came quite out of the blue. Darren and a couple of the other guys was just playing guitar and making up songs for fun, and suddenly they had made this funny song where Draco (from the books of Harry Potter) was secretly in love with Hermione, and that's the reason he was so mean to her all the time. That little idea lead to a lot of ideas... and soon they had made an entire parody musical based on the Harry Potter-universe!

It became an instant hit, and all of their performances at the University of Michigan was completely packed. So high was the demand that they decided to videotape one of their shows so that friends and family could watch it online. What they didn't expect however, was that the show would go viral on Youtube. Today, the first part of the show has got over 9 million views!

The show has a completely different take on the Potter-story, key words being Draco played by a girl, Voldemort being the most likable character, and RedVines turning out to be quite magical. The songs are really catchy, the characters and the plot are truly hilarious, and the actors behind it all are brilliant. Even Tom Felton thought it was great! In 2010 they did it again, and A Very Potter Sequel was born. 

This unpredicted success boosted both Starkid's and Darren Criss's carrear. Out of the blue Darren got an audition for the hit TV-series Glee on Fox. He was cast as Blaine Anderson, and only two days later they started filming. Now that season four has just started Blaine is listed as one of the main characters and Darren has never been more popular.

Earlier this year he got his first role at Broadway as the main star of the show How To Success In Buisnes Without Really Trying. And just to confirm what a strong bond there is between Darren and Harry Potter, he was cast in the exact same role as Daniel Radcliffe! They played a couple of weeks each.

As some sort of gesture to where Darren originated from, one of the newest episodes of Glee portrayed him in a wizzard costume. Fans of StarKid and AVPM all over the world spoke up in total excitement! Everyone is eagerly waiting for the finished edit of A Very Potter Senior Year, which was preformed at this year's Leaky Con.

He recently starred in Katy Perry's music video Last Friday Night along with some of his fellow Glee members. As he's one of Gleeks' favorite character, and he's set to starr in the movie Imogene opposite Kirsten Wiig, just imagine how far he can go from here... Three years ago he and the other Starkids dressed up and sang their songs outside the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Just one year later he was invited as a special guest at the red carpet screening of the Deathly Hallows Part 1! He's such a humble, thankful, awesome and hard-working guy I hope his journey has just begun :)