April 11, 2012


I have to admit that I'm one of those.
One of those millions of people that watches Shane Dawson TV!
Ok, I'm not at all addicted like some others, I only watches what I bump into, and some of the things he posts are really not funny, but some of it are just hilarious!

A little while ago he published his first original song on iTunes along with a brand new music-video. The song is called SuperLuv (it's not a spelling-mistake in case you were wondering... (if it is it's Shane's and not mine)) and is really addictive! I have a problem when it comes to songs: I learn the lyrics way too fast. It can indeed be very annoying, because when I first start singing a song I've heard somewhere I can't stop for hours because I know the entire song by heart! That's exactly what happened with SuperLuv...

*Just in case you have no idea who Shane is... He's a 23-year-old guy who has been making and posting funny videos and video-blogs on Youtube for approximately four years, and as of 2012 he's the 6th most subscribed Youtube-channel in the world*
My sister found out a while ago that I had developed an interest for Shane's series Ask Shane on Mondays. When she understood that I had been more busy watching his oldest videos she just had to show me his newest music-video... I'm glad she did. It was really good! It's definitely not very original, but the song is really catching and the video in itself is really masterly made. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, here it is -->

Here I may have lost some of you along the road somewhere... But for those of you that liked it as much as I did (or are just curious enough to read on anyway) I will try to explain why I liked it.

When I first encountered one of Shane's videos I found him childish, over the top and not that funny. That was something like a year ago, so I had forgotten all about him when I suddenly followed a recommended link on my Youtube. The link lead me to another of his music-videos called Doushebag where he'd made a parody of "Judas" by Lady Gaga. It was so good and funny that I had to see more... and then I was hooked!

But concerning SuperLuv, it reminds me of Shane's own life. He has said that he was both fat and lonely when he was younger, but that his life changed radically when he suddenly became one of Youtube's most famous persons. Now he's living his dream, has many friends and live solely of making various videos on and for Youtube. He's just a very nice and humble person despite his fame, and this shines through in his music-video.

In SuperLuv Shane plays his punk/emo character Switch. It's not one of his most frequently featured characters, like for example Shanaynay, but it's actually the one I like best. Everyone can relate to him somehow... And that's one of the things I think makes Superluv so popular. The situation and the feeling is recognizable and common, although this is an extreme case. He makes a tragic story funny without stepping on anyone's toes or ripping up in painful memories along the way. It's just cute and pink and makes me smile :)

And oh, how I wish I had been inside that director's mind! As the filming-geek I am I noticed the super-clever use of special-effects... Like the constant switching between Switch's normal clothes and his superhero-costume, the hitting and tripping, the flying part at the end and the constant spray of pink dust! Not expensive, not too difficult, but very effective. Dear Matt Silverman, can you pleas teach me some tricks?

Anyway... Great work, Shane! And for those of you that liked the song, why not buy it on iTunes? (Like I actually just did!) He has worked really hard for this, and to be where he is today, so I will say that he deserves it...

His videos are my guilty pleasure :)