April 12, 2012

New read-along!

As you have probably already noticed, I have participated in a read-along of the book The Lies of Locke Lamora together with a bunch of other bloggers all over the internet for the last couple of weeks. It's been so much fun! I've never joined something like that before, and although I've not been the most active commenter out there I've certainly read almost all the posts from the different week's questions!

The hosts of the last read-along will continue the success and do a read-along for Red Seas Under Red Skies as well, starting at the end of this month... That's the second book in the series about Locke Lamora and the Gentlemen Bastards written by Scott Lynch. I have read it! And it's SO GOOD! So to all of you that haven't... do it! Some says they did not find it as good as the first, but I am actually tempted to say it's better... That's perhaps stretching it a little bit, but it's not fra from the truth. Because after this book *SPOILER* Locke and Jean are the only ones left. Which means that we get to know them on a way deeper level that in LOLL. I like character-driven books, and this one is...

Since I'm about to dive head-first into no less than four graduating exams during the next two months, I might be a little busy from now on, so I might not be able to read the entire book again. Luckily I just finished it (the week the LOLL read-along started) so I'm sure I remember enough to answer each week's questions anyway and participate in the discussions. One simply can not read school-books all day long!
So I'll be joining in the best I can :)