March 12, 2012

And she's done it again...

Somehow I'm incapable of keeping just one blog... I've tries so many times, and each time I really think that this is it, this is the blog I will keep and continue to feed with a constant stream of posts. But that is not the case, unfortunately. This is in fact my 9th. But do not panic! I think this one will actually last. At least as long as I can find something (un)interesting to share from the depths of my brain, which is mostly always.

In case you were wondering what you are about to find in this particular site, I must honestly tell you I have no idea? I mean, I am no model, don't know much about fashion, can't take professional photos, can definitly not cook, am no expert at music and I don't think I am unusually funny... That leaves me with what?

Do I like movies, you ask? Oh, I love them I dear say! I can not even start to describe all the fantastic experiences I've had in a cinema, or in my bed with just my mac, or in front of our beautiful TV in the living room or... Ok, I will stop right there and save it for later. You got my point I guess?

My other area of interest will, no doubt in my mind, be described by some of you as rather geeky. The funny thing is I know you're right! And I'm quite proud of it anyway! I can even shout it at you. I love books! And by that I mean that my 3 x 2,5 meters bedroom is filled with no less than six bookshelves in different sizes containing my private collection consisting of 371 books and 107 films. Honestly, I'm not bragging or anything, It's just a simple way to start to describe who I am.

Did you know I learned to horseback ride by reading? When I finally tried it in real life it actually worked!

I'm also a self-taught filmmaker, actually... University-books concerning directing and such are quite helpful. Who would know?

Well, I command myself to stop blabbering right now, or this post will no doubt have the capacity to stretch on until you finally get bored. Better to stop now and come back later...

If you're still reading I dare to hope I will be seeing you around sometime?